Template for osteoconduction – engineered to perform

OsteoFlux® provides your augmentation site with a framework of key advantages. The synthetic, shapable scaffold is a template for osteoconduction that maintains its volume while filling with vital new bone.

With OsteoFlux®, there is no longer a need to wait for in situ hardening. Upon implantation, OsteoFlux® provides a stable scaffold that supports the overlying soft tissues. OsteoFlux® is a template for osteoconduction and for predictable large bone augmentation.

OsteoFlux® is a synthetic, osteoconductive biomaterial made of calcium phosphates chemically comparable to human bone. Due to its composition, OsteoFlux® offers long-lasting volume preservation during the bone remodeling process.

OsteoFlux® block – synthetic, shapable scaffold
Histologic evaluation at 8 weeks shows ­osteoconduction along the vertical channels up to the top of the block. Newly formed bone has clearly sprouted from the intramedular ­perforations (Carrel et al. 2014).