Large augmentation – predicted outcome

OsteoFlux® ensures large bone augmentation through pronounced early and rapid bone formation, even at significant distances above the bone bed.

OsteoFlux® enhances vertical bone growth during the first 2 months. In a comparative study, OsteoFlux® resulted in a more pronounced vertical and homogenous bone growth in comparison to established bone substitutes. The continuous interconnected pore system of OsteoFlux® promotes faster osteogenesis, especially in the layers furthest from the bone bed. OsteoFlux® test sites showed osteoconduction along the vertical channels extending to the top of the block. The newly formed bone clearly springs from the bone bed. Channels, largely filled with new bone, with a central vasculature have developed.

Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Fig. 3

OsteoFlux® samples show distinct evidence of osteoconduction along the vertical channels which extend to the top of the block. The newly formed bone is homogenously distributed within the block (Fig. 1). Existing bone substitutes of bovine or synthetic materials (Fig. 2,3) do not show a homogenous distribution of new bone and have only slight signs of vertical osteoconduction. (Carrel et al 2014)

After 8 weeks the percentage of new bone volume in OsteoFlux® implants 3mm above the existing bone bed is 4 times higher to that found in bone substitutes of bovine and synthetic materials. (Carrel et al. 2014)