Interconnected pore system – direct to the point

The orthogonal interconnected OsteoFlux® pore system enables free cell migration into and through the biomaterial. Optimal pore size and an unhindered path lead to predictable new bone formation over the entire augmentation volume.

OsteoFlux® possesses a unique 3-dimensional bioarchtecture - a well-defined and continuous interconnected macro porosity with a total porosity similar to that of the natural bone. The macro-porosity offers a “highway” so that the autologous material (blood / cells) can efficiently invade and colonize the synthetic graft unhindered. The micro-porosity provides attachment sites for the bioactives and cells. Due to the hydrophilic characteristics the block actively and quickly takes up blood during implantation.

The innovation of OsteoFlux® is based on an osteoconductive calcium phosphate biomaterial and a Solid Freeform Fabrication process (3D printing). Only this smart combination results in fabrication of a bone substitute with this unique bioarchitecture and exceptional performance characteristics.

Schematical drawing of a layer of bone substitute blocks with an interconnected porosity.
Left: competitor product with randomized interconnected porosity. Right: OsteoFlux® with orthogonal interconnected porosity