OsteoFlux® key facts

OsteoFlux® bone substitute block is a synthetic stable scaffold that acts as a template for osteoconduction for oral bone augmentation and regeneration. The unique bioarchitecture, with its interconnected pore system, permits free passage of osteogenic cells across the entire augmentation volume, and offers an optimal environment for vascularization. This allows fast and predictive bone formation, especially in large augmentations. Easy handling is guaranteed with accurate and precise shaping.

Template for osteoconduction – engineered to perform

OsteoFlux® provides your augmentation site with a framework of key advantages. The natural synthetic, sizable, solid scaffold is a template for osteoconduction that maintains its volume while filling with vital bone
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Interconnected pore system – direct to the point

The orthogonal interconnected OsteoFlux® pore system enables free cell migration into and through the biomaterial. Optimal pore size and an unhindered path lead to predictable new bone formation over the entire augmentation volume.
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Vascularization – a freeway for osteogenesis

OsteoFLUX®’s unique bioarchitecture promotes vascularization and supports large volume augmentations.
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Large augmentation – predicted outcome

OsteoFlux® ensures large bone augmentation through pronounced early and rapid bone formation, even at significant distances above the bone bed.
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Easy Handling – successful treatment

OsteoFlux® combines unique biological performance with best practice surgical technique. The two main features comprise high precision shaping capability and easy handling.
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